How To Apply

  • Families will be randomly assigned to a crowdfunding strategy and platform to raise money for their DNA sequencing.
  • Each campaign will have the same target crowdfunding goal amount as well as 30 days to raise the funds online
  • After goal is reached, funds will be transferred and exome sequencing starts
  • Any additional funds raised will be used to help other undiagnosed children in need of sequencing
  • Surveys are sent to measure impact before, during and after the campaign. Answers to survey questions will be unidentifiable.

Hope Hands

There are over 7,000 rare diseases affecting over 300 million of people around the world. Even with the best doctors, rare diseases are difficult to diagnose, and many families find themselves on a diagnostic odyssey going from doctor to doctor looking for answers — for years.

DNA sequencing utilizes cutting edge technology and the most comprehensive analysis to find a diagnosis and end the search for answers. Armed with this knowledge, parents can then have the ability to make the best decisions for the health and future of their children living with rare diseases.

The Amplify Hope Initiative will help participants and their families raise the necessary funds for exome sequencing through crowdfunding campaigns and at the same time measure the impact of social networks.

Rare Genomics invites patients in need of genetic sequencing to join the Amplify Hope Initiative.

By participating, you will be given crowdfunding training and strategies to prepare for the launch of your campaigns. You will be assigned to a campaign platform and strategy.

Each campaign will have the same crowdfunding goal amount as well as time, a 30-day campaign, to raise the funds online. All campaigns will launch on the same day. When your goal is attained, sequencing of the child and both parents is completed at one of our Amplify Hope partner sites.

Anonymous surveys before, during and after the campaign will be completed to determine crowdfunding capabilities, and scientific engagement.

Any additional funds raised above the goal will be used to help other Rare Genomics undiagnosed children in need of sequencing, with the exception of any prize money awarded.


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